So It's A Year Of Being The Other Woman

Well I have been with my other man on the side for a year. He has been great I am happy he came into my life has given me advise on my life, grad school, my crazy husband and work. I know when he hasn't seen me he will find a way to see how I am. The last date we had was amazing he was physically and emotionally with me. He even said " you came into my life for a reason and every moment we spend I keep in my heart. I believe we can be more." I was so happy but I knew there was still something I needed him to tell me. And that was if he was boyfriend and girlfriend with baby mama. In which he looked me in the eye and told me he was. I thought my initial reaction would be to slap him but it was more like I finally know and was happy he was finally honest. When the holidays came we both spent time wt our families. I have been trying to work it best wt my husband but for some reason it hasn't been working. I feel like I have feelings more for the other man then husband. Confused of what is going on in my head. Even saying regretting getting married young. Advise
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As long as you are cheating on your husband, nothing will work out for the two of you. You can't have a relationship work if there is no honesty. Granted, there might be other reasons for some of the problems and it might not be anything to do with your affair, but if you can't give 100% to your marriage it will fail. The best thing to do is decide what it is you want. If it isn't your husband, tell him and let him go. He deserves to find his happiness too. Some things to think about are that your lover may not want to leave his situation. So if you are doing it to be with him, make sure he is willing to do the same for you.

Unfortunately there isn't much certainty to be found in this type of situation. You consciously choose to be in it, or not ~ to accept what it offers in all it's glory and its limitations too. To revel in what each individual offers, and to share whatever happiness is possible, given the circumstances. Not an easy road. Inevitably, the heart rules. Good luck and enjoy it for what it is !

Well I believe I feel for this man at work due to my own husband's attitude for me. We met really young and well we did good together until he did the unthinkable and hurt me in such a way that I suffered from PTDS. Either way we married even though he had baggage that will be there for all eternity. But lately as I have furthered my education and have succeeded he seems not to give me the support I need. I went to spend time wt him he does the complete opposite. I want to talk about my feelings he hangs up the phone and turns off his phone. Meanwhile the other man is completely the opposite he makes time for me and listens to what I have to say. Yes I have thought of the other man may not be able or want to leave his situation and neither can I. It is complicated but I fell I need to enjoy what I have wt him now. Let fate decide what happens.

Fate is not really as random as you think. If you can make the choice to leave, work it out with your husband or just escape all together. The outside guy may not be able to fully commit which could be the reason that he is connecting with you.

It has less to do with fate, than being proactive in your choices. You have already taken steps to improve your life. If you can eventually decide what is best for your future happiness, and are willing to take necessary action to attain that, you owe it to yourself. Without guilt, shame, or regret. Ultimately, you hold the answers to your destiny in your hands. It's all up to you.

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What will be ....will be.....good luck!!!

I say to my self the same. I hope he will be there to say in my life