In Love With Two Brothers

I meet this guy about 3 years ago he was my neighbor. But he lived with his girlfriend and daughter of 3 years old. We began just saying hi to each other. After a month or so he gave me his phone number. I was single then so i began texting him. One day we meet each other and we saw that we were attracted to each other. We began texting and talking more on the phone and seeing each other more. He would tell me he love me and that he was with her just for the kid or else he would leave her. I wanted to believed this. But knew wasnt true, but still kept talking to him i began having strong feelings for him. But then one day the sister of his girlfriend saw us together. Then after a week or so after her sister saw us she found out and confronted me i told her that yes we had been seeing each other then she said she wws pregnant i didnt believed this i thought she wanted to manipulate me. She kicked him out of the house and took his cellphones away so this made it harder for us to talk. We then found a way to talked
d and see each other again. He would tell me he love me and didnt want nothing with her no more. But then
one day he told me that his daughter
hsd told him that her mom wasnt going to have the baby she was expecting so he said he was going to go back with her for the kid and once the baby was born he would leave her nd we could be together. I knew this wouldnt happen but agreed to it. But
after he moved in with her i saw how happy they looked. I somehow began talking to his brother and after a few months i got pregnant. One day i saw his brother again i told him i was pregnant by his brother he didnt seemed to be bother by it but then wr slept together again. My son was born and since thst last time i hadnt talked to him but about a year ago wr began talking again and seeing each other
again when i talked to him i get so happy i love the time we are alone
even if is not that much. But my babys
dad has treated me bad ever since i
got pregnant because he still thinks
his son is not his. And he gets mad if I
mention his brother in any way. Well their family get mad at my son dad cuz he got with me and got me pregnant after wat happen with his brother. But me and his brother love being with each other and this time we are more careful were we go and when we talk. I have feelings for both of them
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I had a 2 yr.relationship with one brother but he cheated on me constantly,beat me up .until one day I started talking to his older bro n immediately began having sex. I'm so turned on every time his older bro **** in me n I c his little bro the next day .I was always loyal n good to him.I love fckn big bro.

You have feelings for both of them. Okay. What's in your sons best interest? Seeing the example of a father that sleeps around, or the example of a father that steps up because the person he loves needs him to?

You stated you knew the boys father wouldn't leave his current situation (two daughters).

You owe him nothing. Talk with the boys uncle and make it clear that you are looking for your sons needs to be met. If he can't do that, you and your son need to move. Get out of the situation, and start looking for a father for your son. If the man isn't a good example of what it means to be a father, you don't have time for him.

You passed up the opportunity to do this the easy way, now you need to do it the right way, for your sons sake.

Mabe jerry springer could help you sort this one out.? Good luck!!!!

Why him? And how would he help?