She Found Out

My MM and I were together 6 months before she found out... Now she continually sends me abusive messages and photos of them and has been calling my work trying to get me fired ( for unprofessionalism as that is where he and I met)

She has treated him like garbage for years and never wanted anything to do with him and now I'm the subject of abuse as she wants him back, even though he has already left her for me.

Anyone in a similar situation?

How do i deal with this?

Should I just have to take her abuse?
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<p>You brought this on by being with a MM. Plain and simple. You reap what you sow. He should of left her BEFORE cheating on her. You only have his side of the story that she didn't care. Believe me there are two sides to every story. Every action has a reaction. Every action a consequence. You are just dealing with one of the consequences of being with a MM. The wife is the victim and she is hurt and lashing out. Think how you will feel when he cheats on you? WOW - how self absorbed can you be? Have you thought what you would do if you were in her shoes? Look up empathy. Find some. Pray for forgiveness.</p>

Just ignore it I know it's difficult but she's hurting and in revenge stage which in time will pass,just b careful

absolutely not. he made the decision to be with you. you didnt really do anything other than just be there for him.
as far as having her call your place of employment-you can sue her for harrasment. let her know that if she doesnt stop, you will take it to the authorities.
enjoy life sweetie, no regrets.

You never have to take abuse from anyone. Simply tell her to leave you alone. If she continues make sure you document everything. Times and dates she calls as well as what was said. Keep all emails and go to your employer and let them know she is harassing you and you want to make sure they know you intend to file an injunction against harassment if she doesn't stop and you would like all copies of any complaints she has made to the company about you. Stalking is a very serious offense. Warn her one time and the next time it happens follow through on filing a complaint with the police and getting an injunction. Your MM should be standing behind you. If he isn't, he isn't worth your time.

If she really didn't care about him as you said why is she so angry? How did she find out?
All you know of her is what he told you and chances are he was lying. She is transferring her anger at him to you. If she threatens you you can file for a protective order. But your MMM needs to man up and DEAL with this. He is sitting back and watching two women fight over him. CAn you imahgaine what this is doing for his over inflated ego?