My Confession...

The moment I saw you on the first day of my new job my heart stopped. You looked up, our eyes met. I'd never felt so alive!
We spent the summer flirting via chat, on lunches to the pub. I was smitten, completely in love.
You invited me to yours for DVD nights every friday. I lived for those nights and hated going home to my "ok" relationship at home.
In time I found out you were actually engaged. 6 months after we met you married.
Only later did I share my regret at not having told you "I love you" sooner.
I heard years down the line from your brother that you and her were on the verge of not marrying...she accused you of having an affair. How right she was!
So we continued, every friday night while she stayed at her mums. I loved you, you made me complete. We had arguements, huge ones where we didn't speak for months, and sadly in those months you had your two beautiful children.
You confided in me that after the first one there was no sex for two years until she wanted another and then after that there was no more again.
I heard from your family the running joke that she married you to have kids and you married her for the cheap flights abroad. How sad I thought.
This woman who does nothing for you, doesn't even cook meals for her own children!
So when my fiance and I broke up, our affair started again in earnest. You made me the happiest girl alive. We saw each other every day, before work, at lunch and after work. Those weekends spent in London - heaven! You anniversariescame and went, each one full of text messages to me.
Why you stay with this woman I will never comprehend.
Your family comment on how miserable you are.
After 6 years I left our place of work and went to work with your brother. You didn't want me to go, but I had to. Not seeing you every day started to affect me and even you.
So I sit here 7 years later, after a monumental argument, knowing that this is probably it. I know you'll come back in a few days but my heart cannot take this anymore.
But please, try not to forget who cooked for you, made your lunches, listened to you when you were down or had a hard day at work and most of all, who gave you everything physically. I will love you forever but I can't sit here watching you and your sham of a marriage.
Please get the balls to walk away. Your kids deserve a happy father, one not so exhausted all the time because he's running around like a blue arsed fly every day.
I will miss those boys as much as I will miss you, their father.
That lottery win never did come did it babe?
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

7 years....
maybe shall I say inseparable
but wait
if you really love him you can think more than normal, it is never good to ruin a family
if he listens to you and understands you, why don't you give this family a chance,
give him the chance to see that his wife is lovely and start to leave him...he only sees his wife miserable because you were there trying to steal the role which his wife must be,

remember he is not yours, you could be happier with someone you own or maybe can give more than lunch dates and more romantic than movie night..

give yourself a chance before it would hurt you the most