Sick Of Waiting!!!

I am so sick of waiting around for him. Yeah since his girlfriend lives out of town he sometimes stays half the night with me, but I always have to share him! I'm so sick of it! I know I should just leave his *** but he makes it so hard to! When he isn't around, especially when I know he is with her, I can think of every thing I want to say to him. I could tell him to stay the heck home and never call or text me again and tell him every hateful thought I have in my head, that he's a user and he doesn't know what he has right in front if him.....but then he shows up at my door or calls me on the phone and just melts my heart and I forget everything that I was going to tell him to begin with. I love him to pieces but I also hate him so much. I'm constantly flip flopping between loving him and hating him. Ugh!!!!!
missdental23 missdental23
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Your too young to be in a relationship like this. I say move on. Make yourself available and start dating single men. It's like a have to keep yourself busy so you don't find yourself calling, texting him or anything. In the long run you'll be happy you left. Easier said than done I'm sure.

I know this is what I should have expected, but it doesn't make it easier to deal with.