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Yes, I Am...

And, this other woman is spending an amazing, rainy day, in bed making love and snuggling under the blanket, on the couch with her MM.  Love days like this!
aod7909 aod7909 46-50, F 1 Response Jan 26, 2013

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I love days like that...nothing to do but lay in each others arms and enjoy each others company!
And to adress the crazy comments below. Like Squeekarose said....yes marrage is tough to get out of. Not easy parting ways and lives. Trust me I know! But everyone lives thier lives differently and who are we to comment negativly about how someone chooses to live their life.
My whole family hates my ex husband...yet they all seem to have left me alone to deal with my separation & divorce because I chose to do things my way & not how they want?! Funny how everyone's good at sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.

Life is about being happy...AOD...if your happy then thats all that matters & I wish nothing but the best for you! Plus sometimes these relationships have happy mine :)

Thank you. I am happy, truly happy. My MM wants to know why I write in the group "I Am The Other Woman". He says all of us putting ourselves in that category, diminishes who we are, the experiences we are having and the relationships we are in. He said I am not the "other woman". I am the "only woman" in his life who shares with him what we share. The intimacy, love, laughter, tears, vacations, our friends and everything else that is a part of who "we" are. He said there are a lot of "only women" who should be writing in a group..."I am married but have a lover". That's a thought :)

Sorry to hear that your family has not been as supportive as you may have needed them to be, with your divorce. I've noticed that the people in our lives who are most vocal with telling us how they think things should be, are the ones most distant when push comes to shove. I've dealt with things in my life that have brought me to the place where I have finally put myself first. I may bend, but I will not break. I was born to be real, not perfect. Sounds like you were too!

Happy for you that you have a happy ending!!! Looking forward to reading about it. As always Medu5a, thanks for the support.

Well I don't wanna jinx anything by sharing too soon. But, my man broke up with his gf & is hoping to move in with me & my kids this summer. Which means moving me & my kids 5 hrs away, him moving 20 hrs away and now suddenly trying to combine our lives together. It could all easily change cause they still have to live together till their stuff is sorted out, I still have to do the same with my ex hubby, whom I live with also. I'm not getting my hopes up high about this. He's never been the type to make promises also. We have never promised each other anything.
Suddenly this relationship has taken on new different turn. Suddenly its more serious. My sexy side action has suddenly turned into this crazy complicated new life...together! It boggles the mind.But I'm not even thinking about that because we both have alot to do before anyone moves. This year for me is all about friends and moving forward with or without him.

Great news Medusa! I hope everything works out just the way you want it.