Sleeping With An Older Married Man

I had been in a long term relationship for almost 4 years with a man 12 years my senior (i was 22 he was 34). Anyway, so i was pretty out of love with my 34 yr old boyfriend and was very sexually frustrated, as sex with him was no longer exciting anymore. I've always loved older men and had a recent infatuation with a 40yr old married boss at work.
Even though nothing more than a shared feeling of attraction was exchanged between myself and this manager, the feeling of excitement at the thought of having sex with him left me overwhelmed. He ended up leaving my work place and i again felt bored with my love life.

Eventually, after surfing the net looking for a place to meet older men, i stumbled onto a dating site specifically for married people looking for other married people/singles to meet. I joined the site, at the start just for fun, not really thinking anything would come of it, as i'm an incredibly shy person.

I was on the site for a couple of months, recieving about 100 emails a day! Mostly from creeps who were not my type at all. So anyway... one day, after being fed up with the abundance of creepy emails, i decided to delete my account. I decided to go through a few of the recent emails, just in case there was a hottie in there. To my surprise, there was (kind of), he was a police officer, which is the only reason i found him attractive in the first place, he didn't really look my type at all (tall/dark/handsome is usually my type) but this guy had light brown hair and blue eyes and although was 36 - looked a lot older than my current partner. He had been married for 8 years and according to his profile - they hadn't been intimate for a long time and he wanted that with one girl and one girl only. He seemed to be the only genuine person on there.

We exchanged emails and after about a week of constant texting and flirting, met up at a bar in the city centre.
I was incredibly scared to meet him, as i said i am a very very shy person and he was the first person i had met from an online dating site.
When he approached me at the bar i thought that this guy is soooooo not my type, looks wise that is. But i'm definitely a person who likes to perservere and finish things (in this case, have sex with him).

So even though aesthetically i didn't immediately find him attractive, i wanted to sleep with him eventually anyway. Being a police officer though, his upper body (as in shoulders and arms) were quite built and i found that quite sexy, as i'm very little and petite and like a bigger man. Besides that, he was a little chunky, which i like too, so eventually after getting to know him, i looked at him a bit more carefully and started finding him more and more attractive.
We parted ways that night with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek.

The next few days we texted eachother non stop, expressing what we'd like to do when it came to sex, the specifics - who likes what pretty much.
It was about a week after meeting that he picked me up in his really nice car and drove us around. About 20 minutes into the drive we got to a train line and the boom gates came down and we had to sit in the car for about 5 minutes. He put his hand on my leg and i instantly felt aroused. He just smiled at me and carressed my leg further. We started driving again, although this didn't stop him from touching me. With one hand on the wheel, he kept driving all the while slowly moving his hand closer and closer to my part.
By this point i could feel how wet i was and held his hand back. He drove us to a bay side area and parked at a lookout point. Even though it was late at night and a bit out of the way, i felt very safe with him. He leaned over and put his hand on my face and pulled me in to kiss him. It was incredibly deep and passionate and made me want him so bad.

He slid his hand up my dress and continued with what he started before. I was incredibly wet already when he slid 2 fingers inside me. It was the most intense and overwhelming pleasure i had felt. When i felt i couldn't take anymore, i pulled his hand away and he got out of the car and into the back. I crawled into the back with him and he continued with fingering me.
I reached over and felt how hard he was through his pants and couldn't wait to have him inside me.
i pushed him into the middle seat and took my panties off and he undid his pants. I straddled him and continued kissing him, i was very in control by this stage. He quickly put a condom on and while we just stared at eachother with amazement, i slowly lowered myself onto him.

The feeling of him being inside me felt amazing and so incredibly overwhelming. It was obvious that he just loved how small i was in his arms, with him just running his hands all over my back and grasping my cheeks in his hand and pushing himself further into me.
I loved how he made me feel, i knew he hadn't had sex with his wife in over 5 months and knowing that i was the one giving him this pleasure that he craved for almost half a year was empowering.
When he came, he grunted loudly and definitely sounded as though he was greatfully relieved. Even though i didn't reach climax, i felt so fulfilled, knowing that i had given him something that he really needed, it was like the feeling you get when you know someone desperately needs something and when you give it to them, you feel like saint, quite honestly and they are so incredibly greatful to you.
All the way home, he just kept thanking me and telling me how amazing it felt and how he couldn't wait to see me again.

I know most people would find it immoral to sleep with married men, but when people live in sexless marriages, regardless if they are a man or woman, they need that intimacy to keep their sanity. I also don't really believe in marriage which is why i have no guilt about doing this, in my mind, i just made someone really happy and to me that's a good thing.

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What an amazing story. Beautifully told. Real and genuine. You sound like a lovely young woman. Chris/England

Why thank you :)

darlings i think that u & i should really talk :) i;am on yahoo at & names kenny