What Now?

"I am the other woman"

I hate that title more than anything but these days its what I refer to myself as.  Its been almost 3 years since our first encounter.  And each day that passes it seems to get more difficult.  I love this man.  I know that some people think that its wrong.  I can help who my heart is longing for.  I can ignore him but my heart just gets heavy from it.  I see him everyday. 

It started at work and then from there bloomed into something that I cant live without.  I am addicted to him.  He is my best friend.  He tells me everything from the good to the bad.  Hes not one that has dogged his wife or told me these horrible stories about her.  He has been honest every step of the way. 

Now, I know that I need to get out of the relationship with him.  But I just dont want to.  I will still see him everyday.  And just thinking about not being with him is scary.  But the more I have thought about it the better he is without me.  He has a beautiful family and everything that i hope that i will have someday.  Maybe with him maybe not.  But for now.  I have made up my mind.  I love him too much to let him keep throwing his life away.  If he loves me like he says he does then it will happen. 

thanks for letting me share

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3 Responses Oct 16, 2008

you are encouraging/supporting/indulging in a totally wrong immoral action. learn and grow some ethics and moral in yourself. Our society is becoming so full of F*@K's like you.

He does love you, but he loves his FAMILY more. Most married men will NOT risk the well-being, love, and respet of their children for another person. Because eventually, the kids will figure out he started seeing you while he was still married. <br />
<br />
& most married cheaters love their wives, they just want something different. Or they fall in love with you accidentally, band you could be the Love of Their Life, but that love does NOT outweigh their love for their children, and wanting to give their kids a scure & happy life. Besides, these guys don't even have a reason to divorce their wives. Just initiating a divorce would be supicious. Every counselor knows that the spouse initiating a divorce or a separation usually is having an affair.<br />
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Even if they leave, they will end up going back to the family, because the pressure, and knowing they're hurting their kids will make them cave in and go back. They always do.

Been there,done that.Get out.Its the healthiest thing you can do.