Dear EP,

I am "the other woman" and I have come to this site for wisdom and support from other women in my situation.

While on this site I have run into people who have ridiculed and bashed me and other's who are here sharing their experiences. Definitely not offering authenticity, support and respect that are the values of this site.,

We are here for the purpose of supporting each other through the tough times and sharing the good times our relationships bring us.

We have banded together and agreed that we will not engage with anyone negative because we want this to be a supportive and nurturing place where we can share our experiences and offer support to each other.

Monitoring our own posts and threads and flagging, blocking and deleting undesirable comments and posters to our experiences. This is something we can do to support EP in it's mission to have a community based on it's core values of support.

We would like to request from you, EP, a safe environment for our exchanges, and in so doing, would like your help in paying special attention to any flags, blocks and deletes coming from our specific section of your forum.

We would like your help in banning anyone who is excessively flagged, blocked or deleted because of their bashing and unsupportive comments.

Anyone agreeing to this request.. please post on this thread so that EP can see we are asking for their help.. so we can support and help each other.

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39 Responses Feb 16, 2014

I completely agree

Well said ......

There are instances where we need to hear the harsh realities, but not necessarily to allow those who aren't at all helpful in bringing light to the experience. I understand the plights of the wives (and others who differ opinions), and I'd like to hear from them too. When someone bashes me, I kind of feel bad (not with trolls), especially if it's someone you value an opinion from. I just have to toughen up and hear the constructive criticisms. I'm preparing myself for the real world when the time comes that our affair becomes known to the offended parties, so bring those judgements in. Although, some people are more vulnerable to attacks, and we do what we can to help in a way. I think we can differentiate those who are purely MEAN, from those who are hurting and expressing their thoughts. So, yes, flag and remove those who are purely just mean and those trolls.

The original post was dated Feb 2014. I just saw this thread minutes ago. :D

Agree. Hopefully some visible change has been made between when you placed this post and now. Has EP even acknowledged this post?

Agree, wholeheartedly.

I hear u and Agreed

Sometimes we all need to take a look at our lives and do what's best for us. I support you :)

Well written and I couldn't agree more.

Koko love to be your new friend

Just found this. Absolutely.

Thank you!

excellent idea KoKo xo


Agree :-)

Koko, in my case the I am the other man, however her husband is happy and supportive of hos wife having other man. you can read more on my stories

I am not the other woman, but I agree with this letter full-heartedly. People are here so they can share their experiences with others in similar situations so they might receive some support. Trolling, bullying, judging, bashing is inappropriate, hurtful, shouldn't be condoned, and has no place online anywhere what-so-ever.

We all thank you for your support lalangel30...thank you for coming out and reading what koko posted. For me your words hold even more true value considering you are NOT the other woman!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Koko don't worry about what they have to say to you in about you don't listen to them people can be very cool they can be very mean I've been through this all my life I'm 30 years old now I'm trying to get over my past as well I've been hurt so much have a lot of tears on the inside!

I woldent mind.

I agree 100%. Thanks for writing this!

So true ! If and when I see negative comments I always call out that person! Others should too. When the people that are trying to embarrass and belittle others are put into that situation-well see how it makes them feel.. goodluck everyone xox

Good letter.

Great job Koko! Nicely written

I like what you wrote

Thanks koko. I hope ep will take notice and do some actions.

<p>Great post Koko!!!!!</p><p>No matter what experience people post on here they are looking for support...they do not want to be reprimanded and made too feel as though they should be ashamed. The ones who come to "The Other Woman Experience" with their insults and meanness have been unsuccessful but none the less it has to stop!!! <br />
<br />
Thank you for taking the time to do this for all of US here we appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!</p>

Some ep members just come to other woman forum just to ridicule us. Nothing more nothing less. And they think they are doing us a favor. Sad.

This is why we are going to stick together Peace....they cant break us down...yes words can be hurtful but these people that come here and say the things they say are just trying and wanting to make themselves feel better!!! They really need to seek out some therapy!!! And I am not ashamed to say I go to therapy and has helped me in more ways than I can count!!!!

I'm in!!! 100%

The women who support this post will not be responding to posters whose sole purpose is to continue attempts to demean,ridicule or name call any one in this group. We will overlook the fact that some of you just posted a response that is totally off topic and is not the intention of this story.

By the way, don't bother responding,you are already blocked.

Whew, I can't type fast enough... that last poster's remarks are already gone! Hehehe!

Great job ladies!!! Glad you were in the potty 7!!! lol

You can think it ,7 or post it to a message to one or all of us... LMAO at Koko' s remark.

well koko if your the other woman then something is not right before you became the other woman, or sometimes a guy just likes to enjoy a little on the side, its nothing to be ashamed of just tale it easy and play it safe with protection and all

Add one more supporter to this post..... No one should have to endure the name calling ,constant stream of insults and insensitive comments.


Adding my name to this list...The ladies have said it all. Our experience group is being totally trashed daily by people who write such shockingly disrespectful things to us ladies here, especially when we express happiness within a posting.

I agree with this 100%. I did not join this site to get bashed. I joined for the support I get from the other "OW". What has happened is ridiculous and childish to say the least. Some of these people need to be completely banned. I was called a ho this weekend and did not appreciate it in the least. I can handle the homewrecker and how I am going to hell, but being called a ho and ***** was out of line. Please listen to us. I came here to share my "experience" not have it bashed and called names.

I'm in! :)

Completely agree!

I agree; Thank you for posting. You ladies have even me the courage to have a voice look for guidance and support from those that share some of my same experiences. The experience of sharing a life with a special person who happens to be married.

Yes EP, we need help keeping unsupportive people away from this forum. I really appreciate the positive support I receive here on a regular basis!

count me in

Many of us have bonded on this forum and we are always there for each other by giving advice and just letting each of us know that we are not alone.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance with keeping the bashing and rude comments away.

I agree with koko