MM asked to meet up today.. Obviously
To fck. And I decided to divert the conversation and then I stopped replying to him.. And it feels sooooooo good to just say no. It's not about getting even with him. I miss him so much that it hurts. But I'm not his fck toy. I would never subject myself to that emotional torture again.
I'm more than just the other woman. I am a woman. Though I made the decision to be involve in an affair, that doesn't mean he treats me with disrespect. I don't know where this new bravery came from but I'm loving it 😁😁
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I'm pretty sure he thinks you are his **** toy.

I so know where you are coming from.
Can a person, who lies to the person, he is meant to treasure the most, EVER be trusted?

You go girl!!!!

good job. keep saying no. it will get easier.

you might as well fk him you are what you are. look in the mirror and you will know what you both are...have a good time

Yay for you.
Good choice. ☺

welcome to the new beginning and the new you

Aww! Thank you :)

Good for you! If you can't respect yourself, you can't expect others to either. Don't forget that you're not the only one he's hurting. Our actions affect many people. Be strong enough to do the right thing. You're better off finding someone better that you can trust. How can you trust someone who cheats to be with you? You are stronger than you think. Take care!

It is simply a matter of who is using who here. You were not coerced into the is dalliance , you did it of your own accord as did he. In dalliances there is no right nor wrong they are just a decision made by two adults for whatever reason that best serves them. To intimate to us here that it is only you that is being used and abused by this man is a blatant canard and you shouldn't expect any empathy from this quarter.

atta girl!

Well done to you for taking control!

Trying boo!! Let's see how long my bravery would last 😜

I know girlfriend! We all try. If you cave, its ok ...... But keep trying!! X

Yes mam 😁

ha! now u r responding to her!

Darling you are in the popular story list 😉

Oh really? Haha. I never even check my page. Maybe I should ignore my MM more and write about it 😜


Please take note men; she cheats AND she feels super proud of herself. Do not get cuckolded this way. You want to be the "other man" in a woman's life. You want to be the one that gets the sex for free, NOT the one that has to pay to support her and take all the responsibilities of her life and then get cheated on and betrayed. The laws will always favor the woman in divorce and you WILL lose everything TO HER. Be the other man guys! Save yourselves from this!

Good for you :)

Good for you.