To all the trolls and the ones telling the ow to go kill yourselves....get out of your moms basement and get your own life...I'm sorry your parents didn't hug you before but is very coward to bully the ow users in an Internet forum...

Let me tell you as an MM, I see how important the OW are for us and how they make the mm better in every aspect. My ow even improved the quality and quantity time I spent with my kids and unfortunately it didn't work out in the long run, cause I was with her with the plan to be with her....

Yes, I know your mommy didn't divorce your daddy before the affair, but guess what most of us didn't plan or go out looking for an affair, it happened and because of a void we had in our lives that our spouses didn't try to fill despite numerous times talking to them about those issues and us wanting to work things out, spouses take you for granted after several years, I use to buy flowers for my wife every two, three weeks for nine years despite she not being supportive of me, until the month I started the affair...

So there's not one size fits all affair...just like there's not a one size thing that created all these hate on you...yes several affairs cause hurt and damage but they wouldn't have started if there wasn't hurt before in the current relationship., yes affairs are bad and yes ideally we should all end our marriages before trying to find someone else, but is not that simple and just like I have a ******* awesome life despite not having my ow, I'm focusing on moving on and using what I learned about relationships in my life.

Sorry you have mental issues that you are bullying woman on the internet...but I don't care about you and probably no one else and you are angry...go work your issues with a therapist, cause the bullying you are doing is worst than the affairs, cause no one starts an affair thinking on hurting someone and you are willingly trying in hurting people
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Well said :)

Wow; I know this is an old post. However, it is what I needed. I won't be seeing my MM this weekend bc I have friends and family visiting for the weekend and I am in such a down mood bc of it. So thanks so much

That was flippin well put. Glad I found that.

Stop whining get a divorce and save your money to have your vagina surgery.

Yup. People who have morals were never hugged by their parents. .lmao.
Why don't you just divorce your wife? You're too coward a man to grow up and leave first before screwing around.
Cheating is for disgusting scu.m bags. Congrats on being one.

Thank you Floaty!!! This post ROCKS ***!!! Most people do not have a clue in to our feelings and emotions!!! Everyone has right to their opinion but if you are going to speak it at least do it in a respectful manner.

You are so right, these TROLLS need some sort of therapy because if they were truly happy in their marriage/relationship they would be trolling us and degrading us in any way!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!

There's no one size fits all affair... So much truth there!

Thank you for your support, and having our back.

Thank you. It's nice to have some other support. So sorry it didn't work out how you had hoped. As you say these are all different relationships. And making promises you don't intend to keep is not cool! For anyone. Again - thank you. So much better than me losing my cool at them :0)

You are a wonderful human. Thanks for your support and kind words!

To clarify something cause I think the trolls didn't get it...I don't give a **** about you or what you want to say so don't bother sending me messages, I am stronger, better and way better **** than you and I don't think about you, I sent this message for the woman here cause I can't stand cowards...

And for all the ow, some of you know me and my thoughts, for me I don't think is fair if the mm is just using you and is lying to you, I think that is wrong unless you both agree that's what you are doing and you are ok...I don't like it when the ow has her hopes up and the mm is just playing with you cause you will end up alone....I was with my ow because since the first kiss I knew she became my priority and I wanted a life with her only...didn't work out so I ended it cause being on the side is not my I said above, things happened, I didn't seek it hence the affair....but I grew and learned from it and I'm a better hurt horrible when it ended but today I'm better and stronger...

To the trolls, I may not reply to you, but if you have a hot sister, I will reply to her 😊...

OMG you're so awesome! Love this!!!! Thank you so much! ❤️

Too fun and the end.
Your post has put a smile on my face and eased my heart.

Thank you. It helps seeing a man's point of view. You have helped me, helped me put things into perspective. You're helping other OW too, in a subtle way at times, which is the best.

The way you approach the ow's situation is thought provoking; whereas, the trolls seem to approach things by beating their opinions into our heads, which just makes us defend our mm all that much more. They just don't get that.

Bottom line, I'm proud of you being a "leading man" in your life's story. Too many mm, as you have said, are cowards....mine being one of them.

But you, you're a different animal. You and Topboy bring to light if your mm loves you, nothing will stop him from being with you.

Last year, my mm snuck away Easter Sunday just to hold me, say he was in love with me, wanted to run away with me. This Easter Sunday, I ran away, am away, out of town. If we are meant to be, he will find a way. My door is always open. But I'm not going to wait around for the knock, even though I love him to death.
Always will.

Anyway, great attitude you project. It's a positive learn-from-our-mistakes thought process. I wish more mm thought like you. They shouldn't delve into this arena unless they intend to play for keeps.

And yes, every relationship is different. So for the trolls to label us and check it off like it's another chore done....they just don't realize the passion they can't penetrate through.

That being said, I believe if they had passion in their relationship, they would not be here. So yes, I agree that they do need some kind of therapy to ease their pain.

You, in the other hand, lead your life with passion. That's too cool. Watch out, those hot sisters. They don't stand a chance. ;)

What a breath of fresh air, a sensitive man with a good head on his shoulders...just like my MM!

Omg, thank you for this post, and love love love the parting shot!! You rock!

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Thank you

Hearted a 1000 Times! Thank you!