I Always Will Be...

...but it's not something that gets to me anymore.

There's someone asking a lot of questions about being the other woman in the questions section that has got me thinking.

Some women are the other woman out of spite, because they see something they want and wont stop til they get it. There is no emotion involved, just a one-nighter, a few dates and a quick shag in a cheap hotel room.

Some women on the other hand aren't the other woman out of spite. Some find a connection with someone who is already 'taken'. Something they never knew they could have with anyone. And they fight it, and they go through years of turmoil, feeling guilty, feeling sick, feeling something they shouldn't for someone they shouldn't. Yet it still happens.

It's not as sleazy as people think it is. It is bad. But what is bad about being with someone you love, being with someone that loves you. Nothing.


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7 Responses Feb 9, 2009

as someone who has been cheated on i can say that the reason this sort of relationship should be avoided is because that other person may be deeply in love with the cheating spouse and completely unaware they are cheating but odds are someday they will find out and they will be horribly devastated possibly to the point of suicide (like me) or even murder! do you really want that on your conscience? also keep in mind someone who cheats on one person is likely to do it to other people they are in relationships with as well. sorry if this offends anyone its just one persons opinion.

No it is not fair at all. I is not fair that we are thrown into these situations where we can even have aconnection with someone that is taken, and it is not fair that we are looked down on or branded as a type of woman. I used to hate women like me, now look at me. I have a friend that was the OW for yrs and I always told her how bad it was and she needed to leave him alone,now i am eating my words. How do you explain the connectins we have with these men? Why were we even able to make these connections in the first place if it is so wrong to be with them? i was always told it's never wrong to follow your heart...well, now I'm being told its wrong...such contradictions from people not/never in this situation.

I agree as well, I would have never asked for this situation and like alot of you dispised woman in my situation. I know I am a loving,caring, apathetic individual in love with someone who is involved, to alot of people I might look like a home wrecker, I just want to be happy.

I must agree when my mother was the OW while i was a teen, I despised her for it. Now I am crying on her shoulder.

This is exactly why, though I dont believe in or condone cheating, I have always said that there are circumstances where the reasons are understandable.

There are situations in life that we seek out and there are situations in life that seek us out.

You know what it feels like loving someone that is in a rush to throw you away....<br />
<br />
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