The Dreaded Mexico Pics

Well, I knew that he was going to Mexico with her and totally thought I was prepared to see pics of the "happy" couple forlicking on the beach but I so wasnt. The minute I saw the pics on FB I almost had an anxiety attack, staring back at me was a couple the seemingly appeared in love. I am quite aware that he knew I would see them and wouldnt be surprised if he was trying to make me jealous but man oh man did it hurt to see pics of their vacation. I felt disgusted in myself for believing everything he told me, I felt sick that I have been involved with him in any capacity and most of all I felt really bad for her. I am slowly inch by inch walking away, I know I have to let go...

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Smart girl. Kick on, keep moving. When you find out they are pla<x>yers, it's time to pick up your toys and move on.

Well in the two weeks that he has been back from his vacation it has been interesting to say the least. I knew he would come back home all lovey dovey and I heard from him a couple of times but things have changed for me. After seeing the pics of his trip with her it has made me see the picture without my rose colored glasses on, he is a pla<x>yer through and through and I wouldn't be surprised if he will move on to the next girl and lead her on and play with her emotions like he did mine. I don't wish him happiness and that might be harsh but I would like him to feel an ounce of hurt and pain that he has caused me and I can't wait until karma kicks him right in the ***.

You know as painful as they are, the pictures might be really good for you. You can look at them and see what a lying cheating *** he is. Get mad, go with that. The only way you can get even with him is to become utterly indifferent to him. And unlike most forms of revenge, this one will make your life a sunnier place.

Samee thing happened to me when he went to cabo with her, but i got outraged, and felt backstabbed because it wasnt the relationship i precieved in my mind of them either. except i trashed his place and left lol he forgave me and they will sign the last divorce decree in 2 weeks...

I have never been the 'other woman' but I certainly have been the wife of a cheater. Run honey run. You're too good for him, and so is his wife.

you're a strong person for knowing this!!! you will overcome this!!!

honey get out before you waste anymore time. I found out my ex was playing me and i had no idea till myspace after the split. Get out now and find a person that can offer you what you deserve. Just remember he can do this to her with you what makes you think he wont do it to you with anyone else. There are good guys out there he just isnt it. Good luck!

Thanks!! :)

Then you have had a good learning experience. There are a lot of ****** in the world, but a lot of good guys also. Find a good one. Make it worth your while. Hooray for you!!!!!!!!!! xxx

No, I appreciate your comment for sure. I am sure alot of you on here totally understand. I am not discounting the fact that I know he will be going on trips with her it is just really difficult when you fall for someone who does have that life. I think the thing I learned from seeing the pics is that he is dupping me along with her. For the first time since I have become entangled into this dysfunctional situation I did not want to be there with him instead of her.

When you are the "other" woman, what do you expect? He has a lot invested in his wife. You are his play thing. Next time, if there is one, keep both eyes open and know what to expect. Sorry I can't be more comforting.

Yeah it is crappy situation to be in, that is what we are though, he goes on the trips with "her", and I get to look at the fun pics, I tried very hard not to look at them but I did, boo, men suck.