Waste of Time?

I met him at work, we begin going out innocently.  We ended up falling in love, here we are a year and 2 months later still here.  me being the other woman.  he has 2 children and says hes staying bc of the kids.  idk what to do, i love him and its so hard for me to throw this away.  he tells me he loves me most, he barely talks to his wife, just lives there(he gota a second job and hes home 1 night out of the week, which he gets there late bc hes with me.) he tells me im his happiness.. this is really beginning to affect me emotionally and physically.

youwish09 youwish09
3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

if he has children, more than likely he will Never leave, i stayed as the other woman for a year and 5 months and then he filed for divorce because he didnt have any ties to her like children. tell him if he's not gonna divorce, then u cant be with him, and set a time limit or ull leave for good. thats my advice... but ur choice in the end.

So basically if you never want to get hurt stay with him because he wont leave her and your his booty call hell want you to not see anyone but him but then go home and screw his wife and get mad if you so much talk to another man. Waste of time definately married men are selfish but damn isnt that wedding ring attractive?!

youwish09, ~~ how much do you know about the subject of: "Life Coping Skills" Or, "Problem Solving Skills."? Your married boyfriend is using an extra-marital relationship as an excuse. He is involved with you because he has very poor life coping skills. Now, if he did leave his wife and married you, nothing would change. He would still have very poor problem solving/ life coping skills - meaning, it would only be a matter of time before you were the wife being cheated on. His behavior with you has nothing to do with his not being in love with his wife. He loves his wife still. Believe it!