So, there I am, napping on my couch and I wake to someone stroking my arm.

Yup, my man stopped by for a visit.. and some much needed (by me) nooky :)

Yay.. I feel better now :)

She is staying out overnight again. He said too bad he couldn't get rid of the kid. He would have stayed here. But his kid is very much a home body. He never really goes anywhere.

Oh well... someday it won't matter.. we can all be home bodies together :)

We chatted for awhile too and it seems his son is getting used to the idea of his mom moving out.

He's still not too crazy about his dad getting a regular job. Meaning he will need to bus to and from school. But I am sure he will adjust, and his dad will see what kind of arrangements he can make where he ends up working. Maybe he can still drop him off at school in the mornings.

And he's a little concerned about some food that his mom makes that he is fond lasagna and meatballs. But his dad told him he would figure it out. They have been planning meals together lately.

Sounds like things are humming along.

I love that man. ♥
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Hubby learned to be a good cook for the year he was a bachelor while we dated ;)

:D yay! I love your stories!!!