I still post on here even though my MM and I have been an official couple for 3 months now. Hopefully, my transitional experience will help other.

So my BF and I had a 5 hour convo last night. Even after a heavy day of texting. Sometimes we just have those kinda days. Usually our normal routine, even while we were both married, is to text email or call through out the day and then talk for at least 2 hours every night. But yesterday was a little different.

Anyway, during our late night conversation he really opened up again. We both have been reading self help books to cope with our divorce and transition to dating. My BF has been telling me for the past month that he's working on morning the loss of his marriage on the emotional level. He feels like he working through it and is positive that with time he will have moved past it and heal from the damage of a fractured marriage.

He has been expressing that he wants to do and be better so he can do and be a better man in our relationship. Which was refreshing to hear. But what had my mouth drop was two points he made. He said:

1. Men want to please woman. And the only return we want after pleasing the woman we love is her appreciation. He gave a simple example. If a man unlocks and opens the door for his woman. Her only response should be a thank you to show she appreciates his action. She should not reach over and unlock his door or open it. That kills the momentum of the man's action. He then said, so let me work to make you happy; I just want to know you appreciate me. Which I could never satisfy my former. There was no pleasing her.

2. I am working to be happy with me. For sometime now I was consumed with you A----. And would wake up thinking of you, spend all day thinking of you and end my nights thinking of you. I equated me being happy because of you. And I wouldn't be the best man for you if my happiness was based on another person. A---- what we have is a bonus and an enhance but doesn't make me as a man. I want to be in a good place in my life to the point my cup is over flowing with goodness. Then I can share that goodness with you and be an added value in your life. As I hope you would be the same for me. That's why I'm working hard to improve my self and deal with my issues of my past relationship so I can move forward with you.

Talk about a jaw dropper. I was silent and didn't respond until he was completely finished. Then I thanked him for being so open. And told him I supported his efforts. And had committed to do the same. For the sake of us continuing to have a healthy happy life and future together.

And we women always wonder if or men think about us. Well there's your answer. Aaand he's reading a book on how best for men and women to communicate. He said he recognizes men and women speak different languages especially when it comes to relationships. Plus he said he wants to make sure he keeps me off the "crazy brain train". Aaahh....I just love him!

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whats MM?

Wow; that is wonderful. Kokopuffy, I own the book The 5 Love Languages. My dh and I went to a marriage retreat based on it. It really is a very good book with wonderful information. Unfortunate for my dh he decided he didn't want to do anything that was in the book. He didn't buy into it.

This is so absolutely beautiful and loving and positive and I love it

Hey Miss Marie! I see you and yours truly still going strong. Xoxo. It's been crazy busy on my end but my man's been wonderful and such a support. We spending all day together tomorrow. Road trip, music fest, boat ride and wine by the river. Can't wait!!

Woo HOO!! That sounds like an amazing day!!! ;) enjoy every second of it!!! Yes, my lovely man... God I love him... We are doing very well!! ;) xoxoxo

Omg...he rolls out the red carpet and works to spoil me. He's making up for the last 8 years of next to nothing date nights with my former. I almost forgot how it felt to treated like a princess. He teases and tells me " it's all about you A----". Awwh it drives me crazy cause so independent and hard at letting anyone do anything for me much less remind me that they have. Lol. Buuuut...learning quickly to except embrace it and enjoy it. ;)

Love love love love that!!

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