Coming to the end of Day 6 of NC. Still feel like I am dying. I know I will never hear from him again because we are doing what is best for "Me." But you know what, we never even had a "real" OW and MM relationship so why should I expect he might ever try to contact me again? I honestly don't know what we were or what we had been doing. And yet I am still feeling all the feelings of losing him. My heart hurts deep down into my soul. :(
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I'm so sorry! I know what that's like. It's a nauseous, anxious, hole in your stomach, kind of misery. All I can say is I'm sending you hugs and if you need to talk or vent I'm always here- as are all of the other ladies. If you can take a day to just drive or get away in a beautiful place, you might find some clarity and calm. I'm hoping you feel better soon xo!

Good evening Pearl, I know how much this can hurt. You because you didm' have a real OW and MM relationship it doesn't mean your heart didn't feel anything. It's going to hurt but just be thankful that you got to meet this man. With pain comes strength.

I'm sorry Pearl. ((Hugs))

I'm sorry!! I'm sending you hugs