I had an emotional affair with a married man, we both decided to end it before his first baby was born. The hurt I felt from our "break up" was something unreal, but I'm happy to say that I am 90% over the entire situation. However, I am now in two budding romances with married men. The first guy, let's call him tommy, lied to me for over a year, and by the time I discovered the truth, I was already in love with him and now it is impossible to walk away. I've known the second guy, drew, for almost three years. He is an older man, 67, and we haven't met, yet. We recently confessed our feelings for each other and now we are planning on making us happen. I really want to be with both men, but I'm scared. I know this is wrong, but the emotional connection I feel with married men is like nothing I have ever felt before. Help me :(. All of these relationships have been strictly online and via text.
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Why do you like older men? I am just curious. I don't think I. Now anyone 20 years younger than me that would fall for me.

There are three reasons I have dated older men: I was too insecure around guys my age, and sexually they made me feel used. Older guys have away of making you feel wanted and sexy. I like security and older men tend to be secure in their financial, emotional life. My experience with older men have been better than guys my age. Now I kinda prefer older guys. And there is something so erotic about the taboo aspect of the relationship. When I was 19, I dated a guy in his mid 40s. I usually like guys 6 to 15 yrs older than me, lol. But I have and do still date guys around my age. I've reached the point in life where age is only a number. Now I'm dealing with my morals, lol. Should I venture into a more real affair? Should I close the door to only having an emotional affair and take the plunge with both tommy, who is 29, and drew? I know my response was all over the place, but that is the best I can do