I did it. I survived yesterday. It was the first whole day without an email or text or call to or from him. I am really trying to respect his need to figure out his life and stay out of his way. It is so hard. There are so many silly, little things that I just want to tell him about. Big things happening in my life that I wan to talk to him about. Funny, sexy thoughts I want to share. But I didn't. I held back.

So wtf... He was on my facebook page this morning, liking posts. Why would he be doing that?? He knows I can see that. Is that his way of missing me/'visiting' me?? Or is he just taunting me?? ugh. I wish i was a mind reader!!
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And then he changed his profile picture. So what do I do? I like it. Am I 14??!! So he visits my page, I visit his. He likes posts of mine, I like his... we are in our 40s!? Can't we have a 'grown up discussion" LOL.

No he's not trying to taunt you. He just wanted you to know how much he misses you. That after one day he had to go look at your pictures and posts...

It's selfish of him, but natural. Just try to be strong (easier said than done). Hugggs

It's so hard no contact longest ive done 30 very long hours:(((

He went to your page because he's thinking about you. And liking your posts is his way of showing it.