Just a little randomness, not really a rant because im not angry about it but why as a married woman, albeit a sour one, go looking for a space such as this to read stories from the OW's perspective? I understand their frustration as I would be pissed if I found out my husband were cheating on me but I'm not sure I would add salt to my wounds by reading these post and emailing the writer of the post. Most certainly venting to me will not change your situation neither will calling me nasty names change mine, im not going to break up with my boyfriend because your upset about your life...I'm not even sure I'd stop if HIS WIFE asked me so certainly a stranger won't make me. I never yell, I don't block, I have incredibly thick skin BUT why im hell do this to themselves it's odd. There must be a group on here for the wives, they should support each other not scour this group like little trolls.
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I like you based on this one post alone.

Why thank you :-)

I've never had to block so many people in my life.

Im always open to discussion and even try to help them heal when I can (getting my doctorate in psychology) but some would rather spew hate and that's not really productive for anybody is it. At the end of the day they are only so comfortable because they are behind a computer screen they should realize that no one really thinks they're as big and bad as they wish that they were it just becomes a little comical bordering on pathetic but kill em with kindness, I wont argue back because it's what they want but I guarantee the majority of them would not say to my face what they type to my mail.

You're making so much more sense than I have seen on EP lately. They really do jump right in without knowing anything about the situation.

It is true. Apparently we're the devil...amazing considering how big of an entity satan is...they're giving way more credit and power than they should, most time we just fell for a man who happened to be called for. I will admit one lady was just getting on my absolute last nerve and I saw that shd belonged to a group titled "I love my husband" my little horns popped out for a second and I wrote "so do I (evil face)" spent the next minute or so laughing hysterically to myself

I worked in behavioral health for many years before my current job and I must say I see some scary traits in these women. Personally I don't engage in conversations that don't interest me and I certainly don't troll around poking my nose where it doesn't belong. If I don't agree with a post (which there are many), I don't say a word.

Same. Its an open forum for people to say what they may not otherwise have a platform on which to vent same way im not going to join a I play the piccolo group when I play paino. Behavioral health interesting do you find yourself diagnosing certain people based on post and language used? I also analyze a lot of things I read on a.psychological level

Funny you mention that, yes I do find myself diagnosing so many here. Check out the "I am not the other woman" group. Any psychology buff can have a field day in there.

I just saw and my goodness where do I begin on that one. First off one of their main contributors is a male I could go for a good while about why he feels more accepted by married women going through a cheating spouse when he clearly states that he is not cheating nor being cheated on. Classic projection if you ask me. Second sweet Jesus some of them are delusional I read a post about affair sex v. Married sex....what in the world? Your husband is not going to tell you if his sex life was mind blowingly amazing with his mistress. They're all delusional and are clearly repressing the knowledge that all men will tell you what they want to hear. Ive can point out so many defense mechanisms in their post dissociation, denial, delusional projection...you were right I could have a field day in there.

The terms can be applied to multiple people in thousands of forums. Id also like to point that if you read intial post and subsequent I was not even aware of the NOT the other woman forum so I generally only read forums that apply to me. I love civil and educated conversations regardless of viewpoint and often appreciate conversing with people woth differing views as it gives.different perspective and.opportunity for intellectual growth. Still I most certainly would not go on a wife forum and taunt them it is childish. Quite frankly their feelings are none of my concern but I still try to respond in a pleasant manner and that is my qualm about it. I do not care what they read but they cannot attack us as OW. In essence by coming on here they've created their own storm and subsequently get angry when it rains.

Also when I speak on the part of the OW I am using myself as the model. I am very intuned with my situation an do not struggle from a world of delusion or naivety, a spade does not cease to be a spade just because it is in my deck.

I am always baffled by such things. And they have the nerve to question why one would cheat. Of course it's always the fault of the OW. I could do a whole thesis on those people and their posts.

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I'm not sure it's a good thing but I love to take the particularly nasty haters on. I have even posted PM's that I've received so everyone can see. I do not get my feelings hurt, but I am very protective of those ladies here who do. They come to share their joy, to vent, to cry, whatever and I want to ensure that they are heard, not just blasted.

That's exactly my point I don't care when they come at me I just find myself thinking wow they must be really bored to dedicate their time trying to teach me the error of my ways but not everyone is like that or can take a verbal beating like that just like I dont go on their pages and call them boring, out of shape or a ton of other nasty things which may or may not be true they should respect our space. Read if you want but don't try to guilt us because it really isn't going to work. I actually use.to have a nasty little temper before my boyfriend taught me to keep calm and not let others affect you, I found strength in my ability to keep calm in the face of provocation...but every now and then I slip and let em have it lol (devil horns)

I have been the other woman it's great fun for a while but my skin was not thick enough to continue for mor than a few years!

I agree! If I was the wife; reading these stories would cause me pain and more hurt. I would not do that to myself. If there was not a group up here for the wives I would be the wife who would create it rather than come on this site. Jmo