My BF ex wife is here! !

So my BF literally just finished our afternoon delight was washing and heading out to a music fest on the river. Well well his former shows up unannounced.

I am right at this moment sitting here on his desk outside his bedroom patiently waiting for her to leave. He asked me if I wanted to meet her. I not ready yet. It's too soon. I'll have plenty of opportunities.

I just hope she doesn't start arguing with him. :( She can be an irritation to him. And I know she knows I'm here because my SUV is in his driveway and I'm sure their daughter told her. Their daughter and I chatted in the kitchen before she left to get her eyebrows done. Now she's back talking to her mom.

Hope she leaves soon.
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How ya doing lovely lady?? Hang in there

Just got back in from a wonderful date. Well his former was determined to see me. I sat out on his deck for almost an hour waiting for her to leave. She sat out in the living room where she wouldn't miss me if i came out and she even followed him out to his garage in hopes to run into me. He kept texting me to make sure I was ok and if I wanted to meet her. No I didn't want to meet her. I will meet her on my own terms not hers. We finally pulled a covert operation and I left from his deck which was in the back and walked to the community club house where he picked me up and we went on our date.

Good for you!!!! ;)

Thanks. Still can't believe this woman. She may have bullied in getting her way with him but it won't work with me.

I'm soooo glad you has a great date!!! ;)

We had an awesome time. :) He wants me to come to his friends party tomorrow so looks like we be spending more time with each other tomorrow.

That's FANTASTIC!! I'm SOOO happy for you!!! Xoxox

Thanks :) xoxox

Sounds like your a prisoner he needs to set some ground rules foe ex ‚úč

???? What???

The ex showed up unannounced and weaseled her way in through the daughter. He didn't want to confront her in front of his kids. But he did get on her later and requested AGAIN that she Calls before she comes.

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