Anybody elses mm not contacted them for a week plus no text or calls or social networking site after you have not seeen eye to eye iv had no contact off mine since tuesday now on sat n no sign of it letting up im not even sure if were still together or not as he wont answer my calls txts nothing :( :(
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Yea fightingwe normaly go couple of days without texting but this time hes gone from tuesday to tosay n iv still heard nothing off him he was horrible on the phone tuesday morning told me to find someone else and that he only loved me as a friend ( which.i knows not he was telling me. he loved me akl wkend & as done for 2yrs so I think thats a spear of the noment thing ) hes blanked me ever since despite me trying to ring him straight back n on n off all wk.iv given up now as im getting no joy I wont.crowd him ill leave him to it but I honestly fear he wont b intouch next week too :( :(

Yes it happens..........don't like I but nothing I can do about it, but when he does contact me, I jump.......WRONG, I know!

I've gone a week...then they act like nothing happened like it's normal.

I think a day I'd the longest we have gone after I got the arse