Today is my birthday and I won't see him.

I am not sure I can do this anymore. I give up so much for him. I don't think I'm as much of a priority as I've been lead to believe.

Today is sad. I just needed to vent to anyone who will understand how heartbreaking this is.
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happy birthday! I hope that it took a turn for the better.

awe so sad for you...Happy Birthday and i wish you could really enjoy it... yes being the other women means we give up everything for that one moment of passion and the uttering feeling of a love we never felt before. And it is sad that we end up in these situations..and yes when we are with them..we ask ourselves how can something that feels so right be so wrong??? it is a very sad case....and from my experience it doesn't get better... please think about your future and i do feel your pain need to be with someone who can truly love is hard to let go and you always end up struggling with letting go.but, deep down you know you should for your sanity ....Try and go out with friends's your birthday...go celebrate it... i wish you the best....xoxoxo

Happy birthday!!!!

Happy birthday!!! My mm once said to me... "Don't ever lose yourself for me!" My feeling is that I'm more ME with him than I am with anyone else. You deserve to be yourself and not have to give up anything about YOU for him. Spend some time on YOU!

I feel your pain. Was just about to post my own experience. I'm heartbroken by my mm. He's made it clear that I'm not his priority....that he has to scrape up time for me. I cried so much and it hurt.....but deep down inside I can't say that I didn't know that. I can only have a piece of him. I'm sorry bout your pain hun. Even though I would rather experience happiness with another, coming here let's me know I'm not alone.....that the pain I feel is real.

And have a happy b-day......without him!!!