One can only assume the men who come to this forum to trash us other women are just jealous because they can't get one woman let alone two. I've had a couple snide remarks by men lately....just calling em as I see em.
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Like scagman. What is with this one and why on earth is he still hanging around here? Think of the time, thought and energy he pours into this OW group. He really prioritizes us. If he has any sort of love life of his own, his work here must interfere with it. If he doesn't have one, surely it has to be a turn off for him/her to watch the scagman always put the OWs first....

"Scagman, honey, we are late for our dinner reservation, please, shut down the computer and come along!"
Scagman: "just give me 10 more minutes. I need to convince these OWs that they are pieces of *** on the side. One of them defended herself. Must get the last word in."

Oh silly scaggy. We are flattered by your constant attention
Darlin. But you really oughta run along.

And his one experience is 'I am a man in a sexless marriage'. No kidding :O I'm so shocked you can't get any, what with your sparkling personality and all. And I'm sure he can't get a 'piece on the side', either, so he comes here to ***** about us to make himself feel better.

Amen! Or I love the ones who act all concerned, full of 'you're a queen and you need a man who treats you like one'. Uh, dude...just because I'm an OW doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with you. Go fish in another pond.

then there are the ones who say that you deserve better, you're so special etc..then when you tell them he treats you well they 'remind' you he's just lying and using you bc you're a or whatever. ugh they're gross.

Just saw another one on a different post. All "you're too good and beautiful for that you need a man" lol. And if course I'm sure he'll volunteer to be that man. Jeeze.

Some of them were cheated on and some grew up with mommy blaming daddy's little ***** for the demise of their marriages, and some are just douchenozzles.

Lol douchenozzles. Im stealing it!


Of topic but I told my 8 yr old son he couldn't call people douchebags (too much time in traffic with me I guess) so he the next time he went to say it he used douche container bag was the bad part.


Lol lol stomach is hurting.

hahaha!! kids have the BEST logic everrr!! :D

OMG should NOT have been drinking coffee when I read that!

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