So I finally heard from him, got to chat for quite awhile. Confirmed with him our meeting for Wednesday which he said would be a long day! :-) (He travels for business and I get to go with him.) This day will be like all of our other days we spent together except for 1 thing. Wednesday is his W's birthday. He is self-employed so he chooses when he works yet he picked his W's birthday and to take me with him....what to think?!?!
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I think it is kind of sad for her. But maybe birthdays aren't a big deal to her? If my spouse skipped birthdays and anniversaries and holidays I'd be pissed and would set him free. I mean if he didn't want to be with me I'd let him go! Sounds like He wants to be with you. So good for you !!

I really don't know how she feels about birthdays and such because I don't know her but she seems like the type of person to care about them, from what I have heard MM say about her. He admitted to me a few weeks ago that he wasn't even sure of the exact date of hers. Kinda funny given his firstborn son's is the day before and he always remembers that day. The thing is those days aren't a big deal to him so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he isn't making a big deal of it but I imagine it will jerk her chain. Especially if she knew who he will be with on that day. 😈

I guess he thinks it's a great day to spend with you ;)
Have a wonderful time! Xoxo

My MM was with me on their wedding anniversary, I didn't know prior to though. I felt a little bad for her but I also took it as a sign I was becoming more important in his book. 8 months later we're together everyday except Saturdays

You shouldbe happy, he's planning on spending it with you. Is it far enough away that his wife isn't going to try and show up?

A part of me is happy. His W will be at work and he will be traveling the entire time.