So, he didn't make it yesterday. Her truck broke down just outside of town 300 yards from a store. And he had to go get her. He was hoping for an easy fix so he wouldn't have to drive home with her, but no such luck. It's being towed tomorrow.

He was getting his son a haircut when he got the call, then he had a vehicle to repair, because they were coming to pick it up. He left her there, with the book she said she had.. for 4 hours.

He wasn't very happy because he really wanted to be here with me yesterday. I said he should have come here anyway. He said he thought about it, she could have finished the whole book lol.

He did say, But I wanna see you 2mrw then. I'll figure a way..

Like I say, if they want to see you.. They will find a way. :)
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

They sure will!! My former and live at the same residents and have an agreement not to bring our significant others over. But I can't tell you how many time my BF have textes me that he driving by the house and for me to do yard work or actually park his car at a neighbors house and have footed to my house. And so many other countless ways to make some kinda contact. As you said Koko if the man's interested and wants to be with. He gonna make it happen.

they sure will find a way :)