How do you get over that horrible yucky feeling knowing they're out together having fun? Or knowing they're just together on any capacity? Especially when he doesn't slag her off and she's actually a nice person? As in, there's no reason he should be cheating on her? Makes me feel like rubbish. Why have me too?? But the jealousy is too much.
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It was hard when they would do things like Christmas shopping, trips to the shore, etc. it was hard for him when me and my ex did those things too. Of course he was in a terrible situation and so was I, why he cheats when his wife is so wonderful is a mystery to me. There has to be a reason, though, something he's missing that he finds in you or he wouldn't be with you! Xoxo

Thanks hun...I sense a lot missing...I know she isn't adventurous in bed and apparently is 'sweet and quiet' which he found nice at first but since meeting me realised he needed someone more outgoing like me-his words. Yet he's back with her after the 'space' from both of us. And technically back with me.but this time he's keeping her secret from me. I don't understand why. I told him to let me go. He just held me closer and kissed me harder and said nothing.

So, boring and safe. And I'm sure he can't justify leaving just because she's too sweet. He's addicted to your adventurous side, that's why he can't leave you b

He hasn't left me be for almost 3 yrs as u know! It must mean something eh :/ she lives nearer. I'm across the border. With complications. I'm not the easy option. But I'm willing to give up a lot! Willing tomakeit work! Arghhh!!!!!

You have to try not to think about it...redirect your thoughts of times when you guys are together. I wish I could say it gets easier but it's getting harder for me as feelings get deeper

I always wonder why he has me, too, as well. They have date nights and have sex sometimes, so why have a girlfriend, too? Especially since we have a pretty unexciting (by affair standards) relationship. Bills, chores, every day stuff, etc. He'll come from doing stuff around their house straight to mine to start another honey-do list. If she's so great, and your relationship is so great, and your sex is so great....why are you stepping out? It runs through my head all the time.

Weird isn't it?! And I can't even see how ours is excitement. I mean we blatantly go out in public!

I think you really just have to try and not think about it.Hard I know.
My OM never slates his wife and I respect that.

Mine never says a bad word about his girlfriend. Or any good ones either mind. But I've seen txts. Ok there's been a few things he's said about her not being right for him yet he stays and when I ask Why he does he defends her a bit :/