He always tells me he loves me and asks if I love him. I do, so I say yes. We've been "together" almost 2 years. I am very good friends with his wife so I feel like a terrible person. Him and his wife aren't getting along much anymore, but I know he loves her (and she loves him) I used to tell him I loved him all the time. Now I don't as often as he tells me. I know him very well cause we were close friends before the affair. But everytime he wants to get together he always wants to sleep with me. I understand cause we can never see eachother but it almost scares me what he could do. Maybe one day I want to get together and just talk with him about everything. He doesn't tell me I am the other woman, but I know otherwise.

Sorry this is long. First post and once I got writing I just poured my heart out.
I found out about EP a while ago but didn't know they had a post for OW.
Thank you ladies, finally a place I can tell someone and not feel judged.
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Bad girl. Message me 😏

How old is he?

Are you interested in telling your story on camera for a new documentary
about infidelity? A lot of people would love to hear your point of view! I'd
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What is it called ****** R US? The real ****** of Hollywood?

Are you still here? Goodness me, just go away Lol!!

Your banging your friends husband and you don't want to be judged ? Every time you get together he wants to sleep with you ? No **** .Thats the purpose of having a piece on the side. You betrayed your friend . Nothing lower than that,

I totally understand where your coming from! I've been with my mm for almost 2 years. Even though he treats me better than anyone on this planet he also hurts me the most than anyone. Me and his wife use to be friends and lovers but as much as she tried to accept and engage with what was going on....she couldn't. She would let it out in sarcastic ways when I was around and her insecurity would kick in that I'm not only sleeping with her husband but he makes it very clear that we are in a relationship....his words not mine. But just as you said no matter what he says and how he screams to the world that he loves me.......I am the other woman.

In recovery we always say, do the next right thing. Do not do anything that brings you shame or distress. Stay positive and do what is not only right for you, but everyone... stop and think and if you need to change something, do it! You are your own worse judge. Do what makes you happy, but harm none. Much Love!

Nobody feels sorry for y'all

Not expecting anyone to feel sorry. I posted this to be able to relate with others and talk to people who are in the same boat as I am. But thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to look this up and leave a comment when really I didn't ask your opinion in the first place :) Enjoy the rest of your day.

Didn't look it up

Didn't ask.

Ahh... don't worry about the rabble people spit at you here. The point is you posted a situation you are in for support and understanding. If this is not applicable to some people then they should not respond. It defeats the purpose of the experience project completely. The only time we should ever look down on someone is when we are helping them back up. To do less is futile and small. Do not let negative comments influence you. Read around the posts that are useless and grab the ones that are uplifting and helpful.

I agree!

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Jerry jerry jerry

WOW... I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why you would allow yourself to remain in the position that you are in. You say you know he loves his wife. Is this not the samething as saying he will never leave her? If so' where does that leave you?

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand at all. I'm not judging you either. I'm just commenting on what you have said in hopes honestly that you will enlighten me on the wisdom of allowing yourself to be his 'outside' stuff. And trust me, despite what he may say, that's are you are to him.... A good diversion from his safe, comfortable, and predictable marriage. As long as you allow it, he will keep coming to you to fulfill his lustful desires. And at the end of it all you are left with nothing.

I don't know you at all. But I am sure of this....... YOU are better than that.

I wish for you the ability to see clearly the truth.

Me and her are also good friends or at least we were. She wants to hang out with me and talk about him and him and her and what they are up to,etc... and it absolutely kills me. It makes me so jealous and sick to my stomach and she doesn't have a clue. I try to do no contact with him, see her and have him thrown in my face. It's a terribly conflicting situation. I'm glad you found this place too. Just keep writing and letting it out.

Thank you. It's hard because she is so damn nice to me and pretty much everyone. IMO, she is way too good for him, and I am not just saying that!

Anytime you need to talk, we're here. Xoxo

you get the love you think you deserve. and girl, i don't think you deserve this kind of arrangement. you deserve a guy who will shout to the world that he loves you and only you alone. you deserve to be the priority and not the other one. please don't settle for this kind of love. respect the relationship he have with his wife, they may be not okay but you are just making it worst. don't the the witch in their fairytale. you deserve to be a princess in your own fairytale. look for someone with no strings attached, you'll be more happy and content and you deserve that :)

No she deserves this.