Just got home from our over nighter...it was wonderful!!!! She only called once...I asked if he needed to leave and he said no...all smiles over here!!!
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Hope u catch an std

Take a man from his woman and another will take him from you whether you wash his shorts or not. Such crap.

I don't get it. How you could be happy about being 'the other woman' absolutely blows my mind.

You think you're important to him? I suggest you cross that almost taboo line and tell him it's time to talk an out leaving his wife so that the two of you can legitimately begin to explore your future. Then post here and tell us how that worked out for you.

You're better than this. It really is a real shame that you are willing to settle for being his ...... Well I will be respectful. But you know....

I'm sorry. You really do deserve better.

What's not to get? The sex is good and someone else washes his shorts. It's not rocket science.

Not like I owe you any explanation

He's not married...no kids but in a long term relationship...

And unless YOU are an OW your thoughts & opinions don't belong here & aren't welcomed

Only comment is that once you post in a public forum, you open yourself up to comments, good bad, and indifferent. Post in a public forum, you gotta expect the reader to give his or her comments whether you personally welcome them or not.

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karma is a *****

Yeah it is.

cheers to that ........................................x

I'm happy for you, sweets! Xoxo

Yeah ok


??? Excuse me

Unintelligent and unnecessary comment