I need to get it out here. Otherwise, I will be emailing him. I am confused. Since the surgery, been very connected attentive, nice, and verbal. Last night no good night. He is working his morning, and we connected briefly. All fine and good and the communication was about the same. But do you ever feel there is a shift? i always do, and it totally confuses me. Makes me wonder if that is when she may be paying more attention to him and he could just care less. For the past week he has been stuck on how is is craving me....nothing of that today. But perhaps because it was 100 minutes before starting work. Does anyone else go thru this? Im angry at him and angry at myself for doing this to myself.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Yep. Mine is a bit inconsistent. Blows hot and lukewarm, never cold...just subtle changes. I also wonder what causes this. Maybe guilt, changes at home...who knows? I think the MM/OW relationship takes a toll on everyone involved,so I usually can accept that it's not me and give him some breathing room.