I just want him to call me or text me or stop over. It is making me crazy... I want to see him. 3 days ago was our last email exchange where he told me that he didn't know if he could get what he wanted. then yesterday AND today he's liking my facebook posts... ONE in particular struck a chord with me and I used to talk to him about it a lot because he too thought it sounded amazing. I have this romantic idea of having my partner travel with me... give up our stressful corporate jobs, get an RV and go work seasonal jobs. there was an article about THAT today, which he liked. So.... is he saying - "go get what you want" OR "I'd like to do that with you, don't give up on me?"

I couldn't just leave it unnoticed, so i posted something about where I was and how long i'd be there. I had this ridiculous idea that he'd come find me. He didn't. I am so sad because I think he doesn't want me.
geminigirlnextdoor geminigirlnextdoor
46-50, F
Aug 17, 2014