I got my usual "good morning sexy" text... .then nothing. So I was already foreseeing how this day was gonna play out. 2 hours later I get a text saying that he went in to work today to take care of payroll so he didnt have to stress tomorrow bc it has to be in by 3pm tomorrow so that way we get to spend the whole day together tomorrow. Its been 18 days since we saw each other. So I am apologizing in advance for the earthquake everyone is gonna feel tomorrow. Lol. Bc I plan on rocking his world!!! Whoop whoop!!!!
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I am right there with you, hon! When I see mine on Wed, it will have been 15 days! I am gonna be all over that man like honey on Pooh! Lol

Pahaha. Lawd have mercy!! He will be singing "Ride Sally Ride"!!!!

I would see him next wk after more than 30 days.. Inclusive 13 days anticipation of nc!

Wow, more than 30 days?! You, prettygoddess, are much stronger than me. I thought I would die when I didn't get to see him last week. Lol

I dont know what I would do if I had to wait that long. I am sitting here waiting for him to get here now. Knowing that he is about 15 minutes away from me is literally driving me crazy. Cant wait to hear that knock at the door. My heart is racing so fast right now. Its been 18 days since I saw him. Gonna be like a kid in a candy store. Hehe. I dont think I am strong enough to make it any longer. Wish I was but......... :)

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