So I've been sick all weekend.
We haven't spoke with Wednesday......he said he'd text me over the weekend but I knew he wouldn't.

Did you used to watch Saturday night live? When Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers did Weekend Update and they did that "really?" skit?

This is how I've felt Thursday and Friday about the situation, this is really the best way for me to describe it. It just keeps going through my head.....

You tell me again last Saturday that it's over and you can't do it......then on Monday you come to my house at lunch and fool around with me on my couch.

You tell me it just happened and you didn't plan wasn't your plan when you asked me to lunch, insisted we get something to go and bring if to my place after texting me in the morning and telling me how good I look.

Then when I'm asking you to come back another day to "finish what we started" you tell me your wife found a text message and you told her we had sex, but it was a one time you'll have to be careful.

Then you tell me you missed me, your addicted to me, you care so much about me....

You tell me you want to be friends though, and when I point out what happens when we are friends you ignore that.....

I get out of your car without speaking to you and go back to work without another word.....and yet Wednesday you text me in the morning like everything is fine.

I tell you last Saturday that when you said you missed me if gave me false hope and when you confirmed you weren't changing your mind I was back when you had first ended it.........but you thought fooling around with me on my couch wouldn't be an issue???

You are THAT selfish???

So that's where I was at Thursday and Friday.........just in disbelief that it happened.

Yesterday and today......I'm a bit pissed actually.
I feel like he is ******* with me.......he doesn't consider that I am a person with feelings and he is so incredibly selfish.

I think what I hate most of all though is that he's really made me see him differently.......I used to think so highly of him both professionally and personally.....I trusted him, confided in him and he supported me at work.......we used to say we were each other's ying to our yangs.....
It's that guy that I's him being a real person and caring about me......
And now I have no idea who he really is and I can't help but think he's always been just ******* with me and that's what hurts the most.....that I could be so incredibly stupid.
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I don't think they take into account that we are real, live human beings with emotions and feelings who can be hurt and damaged and that what they do is in all actuality toying with us, keeping us strung along, is all about "THEIR" needs and what they want and what they are feeling in the moment. Like you said completely selfish....

Yep I agree. I was looking for a word to describe my situation He says it is just sex but texts that he misses me. Really.

Actions speak louder than words. It's simple, but true. What do his actions tell you?