This has nothing to do with being the other woman-well mostly not. Do all the ladies in here work in corporate positions? Heck I can't even get a job at grocery store and all the women in here seem to be corporate professionals. I did work in a corporate office for about 3 months in my home town but due to personal circumstances had to leave. I am just really curious/nosey. There were so many potential men in the office I worked in and so I can see how it would have been a lot easier to meet men in the office I had worked in vs. let's say a grocery store.
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I'm a stay at home mum :) I haven't worked outside the home since I had my first child 8 years ago.

Not corporate, blue- collar construction work here!! Lots of tasty men around pretty much every day, but he's the only one that ever made me "notice" him.... 😘

Im in medical line and he was patient. He came for his routine health check up and that was when we got to know each other. I dont work with many men around but i do see many male patients.. Lol

Not at all lol my bf is a ceo but I work in mental health we just happened to be at the same bar at the same time

I'm in healthcare admin. I don't work with my MM. Thank god!

I'm a pharmacy tech in a retail store so there's a lot of men raft come thru there daily

I work in a corporate position and I agree that it is probably the breeding ground for affairs. I met my AP there two years ago and we became intimate last month. We had a long 2 year flirtatious game of hard to get (and he was a little dense as I sent my signals). I work with a lot of men, but this not my type guy caught my attention the minute I laid eyes on him.

Having an AP at work keeps me from having to make time in the evening or on weekends to see him. We work closely so we can carry on a conversation any time and sex, well it can take place whenever the opportunity presents itself. We do still get together outside of work too. Sometimes playing a nice day of hookie is called for whether we end up at a Hilton or a theme park just depends on the mood.

My MW isn't corporate but medical professional.