He's never made me feel like the other woman. But that's exactly what I am. He treats me so well. But he has a temper that just makes him cold when he's angry. He also has a past history of physical abuse. He knows I don't tolerate men hitting women......or vice versa. He has never hit me and he says he never will. I came to find out that he's a womanizer. He treats women well....but he does it for every woman he likes. Your not special. He admitted to being a womanizer!!!! He said if he is treating all his women well then what's the problem. There's more women then there is to men. Even though he knows I like women and I asked him to be honest if he ever wanted to have another or have one join us. So I went through his phone which he knows and allows me too and I come across him telling some girl that he misses her and loves her!!! I almost vomited! I'm still trying to believe what I saw......but I know what I saw. I just wish he had of told me. So emotionally even though I still care.....my love is fading. Im not going to continue to go through this.......how could I? I feel like I knew he had a weakness for women especially his type....which I am but he wants to taste others as well. That's fine too....just don't tell me you love me, you want to have a family with me, I'm your dreamgirl, and all that bologna!!! Because your telling the next chick the same thing.......I can't say that your lying about your feelings but don't make us seem like we are the only ones. But what can I say......I fell for a charming, wonderful, charismatic, loving, womanizer!!!
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isn't worth it is it?

maybe......maybe not