On the dating website a guy asked me "what do you want in a partner?" Firstly, I want them to not ask dumbass questions like that. Secondly, I want them to be exactly like my MM....just not married!

Sigh! I miss my guy!!! He's home safely at least. :)
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I hate that question too. Your answer should be sarcastic and funny to break the ice and get yourself off the hook. Something like, "A man who is 6'4", muscular body, dark hair, blue eyes, successful with an annual income of no less than $250,000.00. However, willing to settle."

HA!!!!!! I love that!!! He keeps asking dumb questions so I might have to do something like that!!!

Did you hear from the MM and how did you act towards him? Youve had lots of changes in the past week.

I did. Thank you for asking! He texted me around 8pm and said he made it home safely and he loves me. I didn't know what to say back. I don't know how I'm feeling right now. So I didn't say anything. I knew he couldn't talk anyway bc she was home. So I let it go.

You have some thinking to do then. Your past week is a good example how if you have distance you can make prpgress

Yeah. :(. I know. I'm trying to keep my head above water today.

Oo don't be so hard on him! That question is a common icebreaker and actually very helpful. You could want your ideal partner to be able to do one handed backflips while holding a torch between his toes THAT would be something worth knowing early on.

LOL!!! You're so right. I'll make that my icebreaker question. If he can't, it's off! ;). Lol