I just had an actual meltdown to him. I was having a horrible day all day today because of how he seemed to have an amazing day with his wife yesterday. I completely lost it when he didn't want to have sex after work like we usually did. Just crying and unable to even fully form sentences. It was just him hugging me and kissing my face and trying to calm me down. I'm just so sick of waiting for something that is never going to happen. Just a huge pile of hurt over here :( I told him to just go home to his wife
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((((lostanddistraught)))))I'm so sorry. I'm incredibly jealous unless I know they are miserable...which thankfully is most of the time.When my MM and I parted eafler this evening, he just put his hand on my head and said "yoooouuu." And then he gave me a box of donuts and told me to have a safe trip. Normally after our activity with the others (who don't know about us), he calls me from his car and tells me to follow him and we spend some time alone. But tonight...nothing. So I feel you on that one too. I hopped on the crazy train on the way home...of course i think this man is constantly plotting to dump me, to the point of paranoid delusions. It sounds like your time ended in an intimate way..actually more so than if you would have hax sex. He sounds sweet and nurturing. Not just any man can handle us cryers. ;)

I'm sorry you are hurting. I haven't gone through anything like this with my mm but I could imagine it being difficult. It's nice that he held you and tried to make you feel better, it sounds like he cares a lot about you. Hope you're feeling better soon. Stay positive!

I'm so sorry. I haven't reached that point yet but even the thought of it hurts my stomach. I hope that you have a solid week. Try to keep your head up.