You "other women" should be ashamed of yourselves! You are as sick as the men who are cheating! Pathetic that you would want to be someone's second choice. What do u think is going to happen? You gonna get him to leave his wife to be with you? Then what?? Wait until he has another side and get mad about it? Lmao dumb bi**hes ~karma~ look out for her she's relentless!
tar4814 tar4814
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Lmao........I do applaud your honesty. You have every right to feel the way you feel. Marriage is to settle. Just because you settle doesn't mean you were top choice.....actually its a fact that most people marry partners who if were asked what their ideal husband/wife would be, it wouldn't be the person they married. Plus people marry for all diif reasons....loneliness, money, guilt, pre-arrangement, just to say I'm married, etc.......your not special cause someone married you. Not all other women want their mm to leave their wife!!! Most of them shouldn't want him too!! You can have his problems, snoring, drinking, anger, keeping the toilet seat up, who will pay bills, etc. For those who do want their mm to leave....why shouldn't they?? You only make a second choice because your first one wasnt right. Regardless if he stays are leaves........That man is responsible for his vows to you period!!! You can keep your no good husbands!! I am the OW but I won't be for long........I choose my destiny!!!

tar4814 take time to think things over before you become the other
woman in this man's life is it worth loosing your family friends, and
maybe your marriage if you are married.

Opinion is the strongest weapon a human has because nobody can take it away. This is what I love to see! Someone really standing for what they believe in! ******* go for it!

So what, you don't like someones way of life...don't live it. It's kind of that simple. Am I an OW, no. I'm single and happy. Would I like to be an OW? Nah, not for me, but it doesn't mean I go around passing judgment. Pathetic and catty. Get some Xanax and stop being offended by $hit you chose to read. That. Is. All.

Lol, Tar4814, sort out your problems with your man. You currently making a fool of yourself.

Okay I understand disagreeing with their lifestyle choices, but why come on this particular experience forum solely to talk ****?

From someone who has obviously done things she is not proud of it is ridiculous that you throw stones at us.
I don't know you. I don't why you started using. I applaud your sobriety now, I've never touched the stuff myself but know others who have. I'm sure your situation and reasons are unique.
You don't know us. And our individual stories and I can assure you that they are each unique while having some similarities.
How many people did you hurt while using? Knowing full well you were hurting them. And continued to do so.
Don't throw stones honey, they can and will be thrown back.


People are to judmental!! Did you ever once think that maybe he wasn't happy. There could be so many reasons why he was cheating not just cause he's a pig. I was the other women and though i didn't know at the time. I'm still very much in love with him we are together, extremely happy, and have 3 beautiful children now. He does have a daughter with the girl he was cheating on and yes i am in that little girl's life treat her as if she was one of my own. Stop judging people if you don't know the reasons behind it!!

two consenting adults,one ,at least always married,against all odds and all proper thinking,,guided by some force of passion,thats rarely gets shared.engage in a cloak and dagger relationship,and become prisoners of their attraction.both partners know the odds of this ever turning out well.........are zero. but nothing can stop these two lovers nada zilch............(dont mind me im just ramblin)

That was cute. :)

Are you married?? Better watch out...we're comin for YOUR man!!

You can have mine.. Lmao

What's the matter? You can't keep your man? Why else would you waste your time bashing people you have nothing to do with?

Wow I wasn't bashing anyone in particular. Just my opinion about the whole "other women" **** but you all are super defensive. I can feel however I want just as u can screw whoever u want. Doesn't make it any less disgusting in my book. Why do you care what I think? And no sweetheart I have no trouble keeping my man. As the lovely lady above noted he's currently in prison. Thanks for the concern though 😊

You might be sharing him with some one....

He ha ha.

Wait, I know I skimmed this thread too quickly, but her man's OW is Bubba?

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I think you may need a little nap ...

Yes, that's our plan!! You are ONTO us! CRAP! How did you know???? We thought we kept that a secret!!

And I spent a ton of money in tuition not to be classified as dumb...I guess I should ask for a refund?

Probably wouldn't hurt ;) have a nice evening all of you classy women hahahahaha

Yikes someone could use a glass of cabernet. ::cheers darlin'::