I got to see him tonight eventhough it was only for about an half hour but I still got to see him....but of course his gf made him bring her son with him and he only kissed and hugged me but at least we had some contact...I haven't seen him since Tuesday last week and only got a couple texts from him.....I get to see him again on Tuesday night but it's not enough but I have to take what I can get for now....but something inside of me is telling me to key go and break it off with him....we have such great conversations when we're together and we can talk about anything and everything and when we do more with each other it's so great....but I'm starting to want more and he can't give it to me so I guess I had better think about what to do and soon to
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seriously? he has a GF and a son with her and you expect more of a commitment from him? he hasn't even committed to her... choose someone with a future, a bit of drive, education and some class.

No he doesn't have kids with his GF the kids are hers with her ex husband....and he has drive, an education and all that....and he really doesn't want to be with her but he doesn't know how to get rid of her without her flipping out and going bay **** crazy line she's done before

if he's telling the truth, and not living with her, call her on the phone and tell her it's not working. If he's living with her. tell her face to face and move out without letting her know where you're moving. IMHO, he's lying. To who is the question. Two texts in a week: I'd guess it's you. Sorry :(

All so true....yes just tell her but he has done it many times and he lets her back in....I know if he's laying and I know when he's telling the truth....I've seen her and she was a b**ch....she was following him around like a puppy...I'm sure he's laying to a point to me and that's why I'm rethinking everything with him