Why this is torture? Karma is coming for me just kill me already. Loving a man that was my 1st love when I was young, now to an adult Its killing me to not be with him. I ache all over like a damm high school kid. Wtf is happening to me. Do I give him the time he ask for, or leave with my piece of mind. we have so much history, years how can I remove it all. How can I move on? he is all I want all I ever wanted. the only man I ever truly loved. I know he loves me, its the whole marriage thing I cant swallow. doing what my heart says or do what my mind tells me is wrong? GOD help me what do I do?
4everhislady 4everhislady
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

He asked for time to be with you or without you? I'm unsure of your story.

Either way, we all find ourselves at the corner of "I love him" and "WTH have I gotten myself into?!"

He loves me and asked for me to wait for him, give him time to get divorced. He says he is moving out their home. So he is telling me to be patient.