Its been 5 days since last i spoke to him. During our last convo he was busy trying to keep our meeting next week as planned. Little did i know that i would not be hearing him at all till he touches down to my city. I expected nc yes but didnt expect it too long.. And now seems i have to anticipate it even longer or may nc at all..😔
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I don't know how you do it having him in another city. I want my person close to me. I like knowing he's near by!

For the first 8 months we were 1500 miles apart. Then for the next year we were about 50 miles apart. Not easy, but it worked.

We are in LDR.. He has been making the trip on monthly basis to see me without me having to travel. I just couldnt simply ask for more when initially i thought our meeting would likely be twice a year.. Now he is in US enrolling uni for his son. Dropping by to see me next week.