Day 9 of NC. The part that I cannot believe is I'm actually doing well. The sadness had passed (for now I'm sure). I'm a little angry, but mostly, I'm at peace. I have a new confidence about myself, and I'm going to let him go back to his miserable life.

I have a vacation coming up next week, two amazing sons beginning high school and a great job. If he no longer thinks if me, I will return the favor. If he wants to live with someone who yells all the time, complains and belittles him, doesn't work, has two grown children of her own who are also unemployed and addicted to drugs, have a nice life. Oh, I forgot. He stays for his daughter. I guess the six other children he had from exes who were left to fend for themselves were different. He had no problem walking away.

Okay, maybe a little anger has set in. What I did get out of this is the realization that he is not good enough for me. I would rather be alone than settle for someone like him if he was free.

Sorry for the rant, but it felt good!
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Rant all you want, sweets, we're here!

that's right!!! keep it up! :)