Happily Just Me !!

I unlike most other women am very happy being who i am ! The other woman of course , As usual i didn't intend on becoming the other woman in the second case ..... Well let me just start at the beginning When i was 15 i had a huge crush on a guy in my neighborhood, of course as all teens do i flirted with him often. Going outside with just a bikini on to wash the car , bending over wit a very short skirt on the usual. Well this guy happened to be 28 and just so happened to be , yup you guessed it MARRIED  , lol. Well this innocent flirting went on like this for three more months until my 16 b-day , that night i was outside sitting on my porch and suddenly he showed up and nearly scared me to death ! He said he was coming by to wish me a happy birthday and boy did he , lol. He gave me a hug per usual  but this time he leaned in and frenched me ! Which i loved and that's how it all started about 2 months later  we were having little sexual escapades (not intercourse)that started about 2 more months later. And we have  been having this affair for going on 2 1/2 yrs now , between the time it started and now we have both moved away and close to each other several times and because of his wife both of our numbers had to  be changed but we always told the other one in time.There is nothing i regret about being the other woman i get what i want and she still has him . Well things kinda got tricky about a year ago i was having issues where i lived so i ended up moving in with people that are like close family to me ( but not blood no relation ) Well lets see one night i was up to my old tricks again and i was bored so i went into the living room with barely anything on and proceeded to lay on the couch , all the while knowing that (I'm going to call him Matt not his real name of course but it works ) Matt was watching my every move , he is the married man that helped me get into his house , well his wife was out grocery shopping so i wanted to PLAY lol. I layed on the couch and asked Matt if i felt hot to him , he looked a little worried about the situation when he approached me but he felt my forehead anyway . I proceeded to flirt like this every time his wife wasn't home , i honestly didn't think anything would become of it it was an innocent little game !Well one night  i was laying on my stomach on the living room couch with my legs spread a little and i asked Matt if he would rub my back like usual he agreed (nothing sexual ) but this time i let out little moans when it felt really good which i usual keep quite. I started noticing the more i moaned the harder he rubbed me . well to my surprise he stopped and just when i was about to turn around he suddenly slid his hand up my night gown ! Well and it hasn't stopped since then ! I am happy one looks after me and the other pleases me to the fullest ! I love my life and wouldn't change a thing about it !

HappilyTheOtherWoman HappilyTheOtherWoman
Feb 28, 2009