You accept what you believe you deserve in this world. Why would you ever want to be second best to someone else? At the end of the day you are just being used. Stand up, demand more, know that you deserve ALL of someone not HALF of someone. Hold pride in who you are and your decisions as a woman. Why would you chose to be involved in someone else's heartache? I am not a hypocrite- I am speaking from experience. I had an affair with a married man- and trust me, it comes back around. Now, I know better. I am something to be proud of, not something to be hidden. A man who loves you does not make you a side chick. KNOW YOUR WORTH.
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We are not cookie cutters.

Not all affairs happen for the same reason as yours.

I agree. Which is why i didnt state the reason for my affair. This is about experience and I am sharing mine =).

From what you wrote your experience is that you were getting half of a person you loved.

I am married and have 0% from my husband. So to share something with another (who is in a similar situation) is far more than any numerical value.

I agree that we should always expect the best for ourselves, and treat others the same. But I can't even begin to describe the "value" I've received and given with my AP.

I know in my case- very strange situation. I would not consider it a legit ow/mm situation. Thats beside the point. I know im terrified of losing someone who was one of my best friends before this whole thing started. I need to heal terribly but then each time we do NC it is so painful and full of so much depression anxiety (which i have dealt with since i was a pre teen) that I just cant take it anymore and start talking to him again. *sigh I feel like im in a catch 22.

Thats similar to what I went through - we dated at first before the affair so I always felt like he was "Mine" and it eased some of the guilt of going back and forth. As i stated above ^^ this is just my experience but he didnt deserve me. Even if he would have left her for me I never would have trusted him because i knew the lied and deceit he was capable of because of his own selfishness. I moved to another state to get away from him & end the affair. Now .. I have a man who not only loves me like no other, but I am his one and only. That feeling to me was worth all the pain it took to walk away from mine.