The thing is I still know it will be ok, it will be good one day! No matter what it looks like now, I know am the one for him, and he is the one for me. Undoubtedly, I need to make some changes in my behaviour, but we are meant to be! :) Just thought I would say that, as read way too many sad comments on the subject.
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It looks like he's happy with his wife, who he wants & will call you inky when he's horny & manipulate your dumb *** 😂😂😂

Thank you for your opinion, dear. And also well done for being in everyone's head! You are pretty smart one!

I'm good at it

Sure you are, if you believe it it is true for you!

Well atleast I'm not crying Over a man that doesn't want me. Wording about if he's happy with his wife. Waiting anxiously for his call. I know my worth & you're just pathetic & lonely

Lol! And you think that that's my case? You surely don't know much! I don't cry for a married man, I don't word over his happiness, and certainly I don't wait for a call. I am way more worthy than your lonely twisted self, that's my worth! :)

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It does work, sometimes, it has for some of us, and is in the changing stage for a couple more of us. It's hard but it happens. Xoxo