He always wants me to come out of my way to meet him, and when I can't or won't he makes me feel guilty. Just today, he wanted me to drive 30 miles (one way) to meet him at an appointment he had. It would have been a 60 mile round trip and over an hours drive for me, just to maybe see him for 30 minutes. Gas is not cheap. I do miss him and I do want to see him, but why does it always have to be wherever it is convenient to him and not me? I have asked him to come closer to me, and he makes excuses. I guess I have made it easy on him, always coming to him. Also, he always just hints at me coming to see him, he never flat out asks me to come. Sometimes I feel like if I quit coming to see him, he and I would never see each other again.
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Sounds same with me, but, I am usually in the area he is at. However, I have come home, gotten a text from him and dropped everything and ran to where he wanted to meet me. Whats wrong with this?

All lasting relationships incorporate give and take. He should be making equal effort to see you or at the VERY LEAST offer to cover travel expenses if he can't get to you.

Yea, I always have go see him, too............

Yep, usually have to go where they are..........

Stop going to him. You are making it easy for him. Theres no real incentive to try. If a man wants to be with you he will make away.