Ok I'm not sure how this makes me look since I have a guy that I'm involved with who has a GF.....but I had a blast from my past contact me the other night....when I met him he was married and I was young like 20 or 21....he's older than me and is no longer married going through a divorce but now has a GF...way back when we had an awesome relationship and was a whirlwind of fun...we never told each other how we felt about one another but we just knew by a look,a touch or a smile...we've kept in touch over the years(like 18 now) but just hear and there...well I was moving away out of the country and he called me and we saw each other to say our byes...but while I was away we talked....but the day I was leaving I was at the airport...he called me to say bye one more time and he told me that he loved me...the whole time together never did those words come out of either of our months...well I didn't know what to say but when I got on the plane I cried...than a few months passed and I called him and he told me that he wished he had told me earlier and that I hadn't moved so far away....well the other night out of the blue he called me and after saying Hi he says I love you...I froze because it had been like 6 months or longer since we had last talked and even longer seeing each other...he tells me he wants to see me and kept saying I love you...I finally said it back to him...I told him I love you and want to see you...but I'm so scared to cuz I really do love him and way back when I wished him and I could be together but we let life get in the way and stuff....every time after I talk to him on the phone I miss him so much and it's worse when I see him... I just want to know what I should do cuz I now have two guys in my life and they both have a GF...I'm so lost and concussed
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Per studies, the strongest and most endurable relationships are the kind you have described.
High school or old time relationships rekindle into deep warm glows that don't fade.

So I should give it a try and see where it could go...he was...is the one I can see myself with...and I can remember one time back when telling me "It's not like we can run off together to Mexico or anything like that" and I laughed with a response of "I didn't ask that or say that or bring anything like that up...you did" and he said "but that would be nice and could be fun". So maybe it was me who was so guarded back than cuz I was young and had been hurt in every way you can think of...I smile when I think of him and when I see his name pop up on my phone


It's a time of dreaming of how it should be. Dream of the perfect relationship. I feel that in time you will be in the arms of the one who never stopped loving you.
There is nothing we can do better for ourselves then surround ourselves with those who love is.
It's a yes, yes, yes!!