After my emotional mess of a night last night, turns out he wasn't with her after all and we had lots of txts as he walked home. I feel rubbish for not trusting him to be honest but then problem is still there. He calls her his girlfriend yet says to me she's history. He may have not lied to me this far but at some point he will see her and I will get lied to.
I can actually sense the power trip he's on right now. I feel he's changed. He was better when he had guilt and morals. Now it feels like a game whereas before it was all because he loved me and we needed to see what would happen if we met.
Still feel I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face but I need to do the test...pull away and back off and let it all work out as it should.
He comes back to me or he doesn't.
Either way is better than having scraps of happiness isn't it?
Anyone tried this?
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

I agree. The bad finally outweighed the good with us as well. Unless he can offer me more, I have moved on.

It's so hard. I struggle with lack of trust as well, and often wonder how long i can go on like this. Especially now that I spent the night with him and got a taste. drives me especially crazy that he is with her, and may never leave.

Only so much I can take! Any woman can take really! I'm starting to see him in a new light I think. All the good stuff is slowly being outweighed by the bad stuff. I won't do this much longer :)