My MM came to my job to see me yesterday. It took so much out of me to hold up the tears. I love him so much but how can I forgive him. The trust is gone if he loves me, wants me then he knows what he has to do right? I recently found out he slept with his wife, her mother past away and I guess well you know...I'm angry, hurt and outraged. No he has yet to admit this to me, but for a woman who is morning her loss goes out her way to make sure I knew they were together via text message. She knows I was his first love, she knew we were a young couple. I moved away and she replaced me years past and they had kids and got married. I came back and he said he wasn't letting me get away again. Me & the wife are at war she always been jealous of me. I didn't make him do this, and I never told him to leave her. He doesn't love her, its obvious to everyone to see, and this is not because of me this is because of her own doing. What do I do? this roller coaster I'm on is driving me insane. I love him do I stay and work this out? can this be fixed? should I demand him to get a divorce. I hate being the other woman.
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I can't stand the fact the he slept with her ...:( but i know it is so tough to leave when u love him and u know he loves u too ...
But why sleeping with her ??!!!

I dont this for a fact, but I received a text from the wife saying "are you looking for your man? well don't wait up girl he is home with me where he belongs, I wore his *** out too, put him right to bed. then i stared calling him no answer, he calls me about an hour later saying he was sleep. he said he wast feeling well he took a nap. this is the day of her mother funeral. so he was in fact over at her place. so is she lying? is he? how will I know? he said I know she is crazy why am I believing her. not so sure but Im just tired of this roller coaster, so if he didn't sleep with her then he should go do it now because its still over...all I want to see are divorce papers before he touch me again.