I have been in a relationship with a MM for nearly a year now, He is in a very unhappy almost verbally abusive marriage but seems to be very weak. I broke off with him in July and that motivated him to leave for a few days and see a solicitor however as much as he has tried to talk to his wife about seperating she wont listen and is using avoidence behaviour. I have now stepped away and asked him not to contact me (Day 5) this is very hard, I miss him so much, but he did explain that if I am in the equation he doesnt have the emotional energy to deal with seperating i.e. I make his life at home tolerable. Has anyone else experienced this ? Can there be a positive outcome to NC ?
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I doubt there is a positive outcome to NC unless you plan to totally break contact. What is really keeping him in the relationship with his wife? If it is only that she avoids the conversation then he is either extremely weak or isn't really trying to break it off with his wife.

I am in total NC. He has spoken with his wife in many occasions about seperation but she just goes back to acting normal or when he try's to talk she shouts at him and storms out. He now has to make a decision and leave or not as he knows I'm not there for him anymore unless he does. He has told all his and mutual friends that they are going to seperate and as he is quite a private man that is quite a big thing for him to do. He has also asked his wife to go and see a mediator. So he is trying.